• What is the exam voucher and how to use it?

Exam Voucher is a discounted, pre-paid exam ticket ID that you purchase ahead of time for less money than you would pay at the test center. Using a discount voucher is a great way to save money and SuperVoucher saves you the most.

Our exam vouchers are completely safe, secure, easy to use, and can be redeemed at thousands of authorized Pearson VUE, Thomson Prometric, or Certiport testing centers.

Please note that the vouchers are NOT interchangeable between different vendors. For example, the Prometric voucher CANNOT be used at a VUE or Certiport testing center, and vice versa. Please make sure of the testing center you are going to take the exam before purchasing the voucher.

Vouchers are valid in the specified country only. North America vouchers are valid in US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

The voucher number is all you need to register for your exam. After receiving the voucher number from us through our Super-Express-Services program, you may register for your exam by phone, or through the vendor's web site. Click Here to get more information about the registration.


  • How does your "Super-Express-Services"  program run?

Our "Super-Express-Services" program is running on the following 3 simple steps:
  1. Select and purchase our products under PayPal's protection.
  2. Immediately after you place an order and pay by credit card:
    • "Voucher Access Link" will be emailed to you if you order the voucher. Simply click on the link to retrieve the voucher number. Then you can register for your exam with the voucher number instead of your credit card payment. Click Here to get more information about the registration. You should take your exam prior to the expiration date.
    • "Study Guide Download Link" will be emailed to you if the voucher is bundled with study guides. Simply click on the link to download the study guides.

    You will get all you need just within a few minutes**.

  3. Save lots of money and get your certification on the exam day.
** Note:

If you prefer not paying by credit card, you may consider using PayPal's eCheck. But with eCheck payment, those two links will be sent to you after your eCheck clears, which usually takes 4 business days. To learn more about eCheck, please go to PayPal's web site and search the key word "eCheck".


  • Why do you insist on using PayPal and how can I trust you?

The reasons we insist on using PayPal payment system are to secure your transaction and to let you feel comfortable to give out your credit card information. Just as we have mentioned above, your credit card number and important information are all secured by PayPal and have never been given to us. Therefore, you may hesitate to give us your credit card number, just as you did to most Internet businesses, but with PayPal, an eBay company, the one of the most popular and secure on-line payment processing agents, you would not worry about this since you, like many thousands of eBay buyers, are under the best protection from PayPal.

As for us, PayPal also provide the best seller protection against the fraud card. Thanks to PayPal, who seat between the sellers and the buyers and provide the best protection for both of you and us.


  • How can I make sure the discounted exam vouchers from you are valid?

We always operate our business in the long term. We have been making every effort to serve our customers the best. We are not only a CompTIA Corporate Member and an authorized Certiport Center, but also a PayPal Verified Business Member and, of course, we guarantee our exam vouchers are all valid. However, in order to make sure the exam voucher from us is valid and prevent ;it from being lost, please do register for your exam right after receiving the voucher number. You may reschedule your exam prior to the expiration date as long as you follow the voucher vendor's regulation. If the voucher number is invalid, you can ask us or even contact PayPal immediately to have your money back since you are under our guarantee and PayPal's buyer protection

Click Here to get more information about the registration.


  • Do you offer discounted exam vouchers that can be used outside North America?

Yes. North America Vouchers are valid in US, Canada and Puerto Rico while International Vouchers are valid in the specified country only.


  • Can I purchase discount exam vouchers for others?

Yes, you can. But keep in mind, all of the records are kept in file and can be tracked as needed. If you are buying the exam voucher for someone else, simply follow the instructions to specify the actual user's name when you log into our web site to get the exam voucher.


  • How to register for my exams and how to locate an authorized Testing Center?

You may locate a testing center near you and register for your exam by phone, or through the vendor's web site. The voucher number is all you need to register for your exam.

If you register for your exam by phone, you may call the vendor's toll free number and inform the representative of the voucher number instead of your credit card number for payment. If you register for your exam online, you may follow the vendor's instructions and enter the voucher number on the payment page, so you don't have to pay any extra fee.

VUE Testing Center

By Phone: click the links below to obtain VUE's toll free numbers in your country.

Microsoft: *

Online: register for your exam online through VUE's website below.

Microsoft: *

For the online registration, you have to create a web account. You will have to wait for one day to receive your new account from VUE. Then, you can log into VUE's web site, choose a testing center near you, redeem the voucher, and schedule for your exam.

VUE's online system does not allow the candidate to schedule two exams at the same time. When you have completed the first exam registration, please log out. Then, you may log in again to register for the second exam.

* The easiest way to register Microsoft exams is to visit, sign in, find the exam you want to take, and click the "Schedule with Pearson VUE" button. Pearson VUE's registration is integrated with the Microsoft system so no additional logins are needed. Appointments may be made in advance or on the day you wish to test, subject to availability. Pearson VUE also offers scheduling by phone and directly through the test center, but you must create a profile on before you can use these additional scheduling options. Creating a profile is a one-time requirement.

Certiport Testing Center
Online: through Certiport's official web site at


  • Where can I find the information for all CompTIA certifications?

The best place to obtain the most updated information for all CompTIA certifications is CompTIA's official web site:


CompTIA Certification - A+, Network+, Security+, Server+, Linux+, and Strata Certifications
Microsoft Certifications
Cisco Certification - CCDA, CCNA, CCENT, CCNP, CCDP, CCSP, CCIP, CCVP, Specialist Certifications
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Certiport Test Center