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About IBM Certifications

Microsoft Certifications The IBM Certification Program will assist in laying the groundwork for your personal journey to become a world-class resource to your customers, colleagues, and company, by providing you with the appropriate skills and accreditation needed to succeed.

IBM certifications include the following categories:

  • IBM Analytics
  • IBM Cognitive Solutions
  • IBM Systems
  • IBM Systems Middleware
  • IBM Security
  • IBM Cloud and Mobility
  • IBM Global Technology Services
  • IBM Watson Health
  • IBM Commerce

To learn more about IBM Certificatons, click Here.

Pearson VUE Testing Centers
IBM exam vouchers are redeemable at Pearson VUE Testing Centers in the country you select below. You may locate a Pearson VUE Testing Center near you. To learn more about how to register for your IBM exam, see How To Register For My Exams.
IBM Exam Vouchers

IBM Voucher is also known as IBM Exam Voucher, IBM Test Voucher, IBM Certification Voucher, or IBM Discounted Voucher.

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International IBM exam vouchers can be redeemed at all authorized Pearson VUE testing centers in the country you select below. For the vouchers to be used in the US and Canada, please visit North America IBM Exam Vouchers for more details. Prometric Vouchers are NOT available.

Through our Super-Express-Services program, you will be able to get the IBM exam voucher in a few hours after placing an order. IBM exam vouchers are Non-Refundable. Please read the Fine Print before purchase.

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